Study Adds To Suspicion Arafat Was Poisoned

Higher-than-normal levels of polonium-210 in his bones

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Scientists in Switzerland who performed the first forensic tests on the remains of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat found found higher-than-normal levels of polonium-210, deepening suspicions he might have been poisoned.

The 108-page report (PDF) found toxin levels at least 18 times higher than normal in his pelvis and ribs, and in the soil that absorbed fluids leaked from his body. A copy of the report, which was given to representatives of Suha Arafat, his widow, was exclusively obtained by Al Jazeera and shared with the Guardian. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Suha called his Arafat’s death “The crime of the century.”

Arafat died in a French military hospital in 2004, nearly a month after falling ill in the West Bank. The samples used for the analysis were obtained from the corpse, which was exhumed from a mausoleum in Ramallah last November.

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