Berlusconi: My Family Feels Like Jews Persecuted by Hitler

Comparison draws outraged responses from politicians and Italy's Jewish community

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Gregorio Borgia / AP

Berlusconi in the Italian Senate on Oct. 2, after his attempt to topple the government failed.

Silvio Berlusconi once called himself the “most persecuted man in the world,” but he has recently discovered another group of people who may understand the depths of his suffering. According to NBC News, Berlusconi said in a recently published interview that he and his family “feel like Jewish families in Germany under Hitler’s regime.”

More than six million Jews died in the Holocaust. Berlusconi and his five children have been pinched by legal fees.

The comparison drew outrage from Italy’s politicians and members of the Jewish community. No word yet on whether Berlusconi feels he should give an apology or receive one.

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