Toronto Mayor Apologizes For Profanity, Plans to Sue Ex-Aides

Scandal fallout widens for admitted crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford

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Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apologized Thursday for using profane language with reporters when discussing the latest explosive allegations against him earlier in the day, as he continued to grapple with the political fallout from his belated admission that he smoked crack.

“The revelations yesterday of cocaine, escorts, prostitution has pushed me over the line,” Ford said, referring to lewd language he used in responding to allegations of sexual misconduct. “I used unforgivable language and, again, I apologize. These allegations are 100 percent lies.”

Ford blamed his comments on the “tremendous” stress he’s been under “largely of my own making,” and that moving forward as the scandal surrounding him widens has been “almost impossible.”

Earlier in the day, Ford, 44, had revealed plans to sue former staffers who told police about his past drug and alcohol use. He then denied an accusation by a waiter who said “I was doing lines at the beer market” and brushed off a claim that he wanted to perform oral sex on a woman other than his wife. “I’m happily married,” he said.

The concerns were made public on Wednesday in additional court documents released from the extortion case involving his friend and occasional driver, Alexander ‘Sandro’ Lisi.

The Toronto City Council this week voted 37-to-5 to ask Ford to take a leave of absence. Not bound by the vote, he has vowed to remain in office.

Last week, the mayor publicly admitted for the first time that he had smoked crack cocaine while in “one of my drunken stupors.”

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