Former Playboy Model Extradited to Australia on Drug Trafficking Charges

Brandi Brandt is accused of taking part in a cocaine trafficking scheme

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Former Playboy model Brandi Brandt was extradited from the U.S. to Australia due to her alleged involvement in cocaine trafficking.

Brandt appeared in court in Sydney on Friday where she neither entered a plea nor applied for bail, The Guardian reports.

The 45-year-old is accused of being involved with a cocaine trafficking syndicate that hid packages on United Airlines and Qantas planes traveling from California to Sydney. Court documents in Sydney allege she handled over AU$130,000 in proceeds and conspired to import cocaine between July and December 2007.

Brandt’s former boyfriend Rusty Setser, a motorcycle stuntman, was extradited in October. He faced similar charges.

Brandt is the former wife of Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. She was Playmate of the month in October 1987.

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