Rob Ford Gives Councilwoman a Fat Lip as Toronto Strips Him of Power

The embattled Toronto mayor has apologized, again, this time for knocking over a grandmother while running through the council chamber

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford attends a council meeting as councillors look to pass motions to limit his powers in Toronto on Monday Nov. 18, 2013.

Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford, of crack-smoking, drunk-driving, profanity-using, red-faced fame, issued yet another apology on Monday for knocking over a city councilwoman.

The city-council chambers were in an uproar on Monday afternoon, as Ford spoke in his defense and then the council continued with a series of votes to systematically strip the mayor of all governing authority, National Post reports.

“It’s a coup d’état, that’s all this is,” Ford said upon arriving at city hall.

“You have just invaded Kuwait,” Ford told the council, in an apparent reference to Saddam Hussein’s ill-fated invasion that sparked the Gulf War.

As the voting began, Ford’s brother, one of his few defenders in public, exchanged words with a member of the audience. Ford then charged toward the spectators, in the process bowling over city councilor Pam McConnell, a grandmother.

“I apologize to anyone I accidentally hit when my brother was in an altercation over there,” Ford said.


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