Two Volcanoes Erupt in Indonesia

Villagers evacuated, nobody hurt

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Roni Bintang / Reuters

A woman in Sibintun village, Indonesia, watches as Mount Sinabung spews ash on Nov. 18, 2013.

Two volcanoes in Indonesia erupted Monday morning, spewing ash into the air, forcing evacuations and causing airplanes to change their flight paths.

The first volcano, Mount Sinabung, sent ash flying more than four miles into the air, the highest since the volcano became active again in September after lying dormant for three years, the Associated Press reports. Thousands of villagers who live on the slopes of the volcano were evacuated earlier this month after Sinabung’s alert status was elevated and lava started rolling down the volcano.

Mount Merapi also erupted, spewing ash about a mile into the air and sprinkling several towns. Merapi killed more than 300 people when it erupted in 2010.