Norway Spy Chief: We Helped the U.S. Do Its Snooping

Oslo monitored millions of phone records overseas and shared data with Washington and other allies

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Kristian Helgesen / Bloomberg / Getty Images

A pedestrian speaks on her mobile phone, in Oslo, Norway, on June 26, 2013

Norway monitored millions of phone records in conflict zones around the globe and gave the information to the United States and other allies, a top Norwegian intelligence official said Tuesday.

Lieutenant General Kjell Grandhagen also refuted a report by the newspaper Dagbladet, which said that the U.S. National Security Agency carried out surveillance on some 33 million phone conversations in Norway over a one-month period last winter.

“We had to correct that picture because we know that this in fact is not about surveillance in Norway or against Norway, but it is about the Norwegian intelligence effort abroad,” Grandhagen said.

The Norwegian agency’s actions were legal under the country’s law, he added.