Egypt Bans Protest Without Police Approval

Law requires police permission for protests three days in advance

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Egypt’s interim president has signed a new law outlawing protests without prior approval of the police.

Interim President Adli Mansour signed the law on Sunday, which requires protesters to secure permission from the police at least three days in advance, NBC reports. The law also bans protest in places of worship. Human rights groups say the new law significantly limits political freedom.

Thousands of anti-government protesters jammed the streets of Cairo as the new law was being announced. Protests have been a near-constant presence since the overthrow of longtime strongman President Hosni Mubarak three years ago, but violence has grown anew since the military-backed ouster of elected President Mohamed Morsi this summer.

The new law imposes fines for anyone who organizes an unauthorized protest and levies possible jail sentences for protesters who carry weapons or explosives.

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