British Rocker Admits To Attempted Baby Rape

Former Lostprophets frontsman admits to trying to rape a 1-year old

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The former frontman of the Lostprophets, Ian Watkins, pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempted child rape and a string of other sex crimes against children. Watkins admitted he tried to rape an infant, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Watkins sexually abused the one-year old and encouraged a fan to abuse her own child via video chat. He pleaded guilty to 11 charges, including attempted baby rape, conspiracy to commit rape, and creating images of sexual abuse.

Watkins’s band, the Lostprophets, has sold millions of albums worldwide. The group disbanded after Watkins was charged earlier this year.

The rocker was originally charged with rape during a drug binge at a London hotel, but insists the rape didn’t actually occur. He changed his plea from not guilty to guilty at the last minute, once the charges were changed.

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