Death Toll To 9 In Scotland Helicopter Crash

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Scottish Fire and Rescue services look on at the helicopter being lifted onto a truck trailer to be driven away from the scene Monday, Dec. 2, 2013, following the helicopter crash at the Clutha Bar in Glasgow, Scotland

Investigators say that the pilot of a police helicopter than crashed through the roof of a crowded pub in Glasgow last week did not place any emergency calls before the accident. The civilian pilot, two police officers on board and six other people who were in the pub died in the crash, investigators said Monday, raising the death toll to 9.

Officials did not offer a cause for the crash as they removed the helicopter wreckage from the roof of the Clutha pub on Monday, according to the Associated Press. Deputy Chief Inspector David Miller said that there was no data recorder aboard the helicopter, but investigators will analyze radar data and radio information for clues as to what caused the crash.