Toronto Mayor Reportedly Offered ‘5 Thousand And a Car’ For Video Of Him Smoking Crack

Toronto's crack-smoking mayor offered cash and a car for an incriminating video according to police documents

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have tried to buy — for $5,000 and a car — the video that police say shows him smoking crack cocaine, according to newly-released documents.

In a 450-page police document released Wednesday by an Ontario judge, police notes describe a conversation between two alleged gang members, Reuters reports. “Remember that day he said that in front of me?” one said, according to a transcript, which was translated by police. “He said I’ll give you five thousand and a car,” another man replied, referring to Ford’s supposed attempt to buy the video.

Ford admitted last month to smoking crack “in one of my drunken stupors,” after months of denials, and has since been under political siege in Toronto, refusing to resign even as lawmakers strip him of most of his powers. He said earlier this year that he hadn’t seen the video and that it doesn’t exist, but media outlets reported on its contents before police said last month they had obtained it.

Ford walked past reports without responding to questions on Wednesday. But he denied the latest allegations during an appearance on a sports radio talk show on Thursday, the Associated Press reports.

“Number one that’s an outright lie and number two you can talk to my lawyers about it, but I’m here to talk about football guys,” Ford said.