U.N. Inspectors Arrive at Iranian Plant Linked to Nuclear Program

Iran has agreed to not install additional reactor components or otherwise operate the plant

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United Nations nuclear inspectors arrived Sunday at an Iranian energy-production plant that produces heavy water for a plutonium reactor that has not yet been completed.

Representing the International Atomic Energy Agency, the team will monitor the plant thanks to a six-month-long agreement brokered in November allowing increased inspection, the New York Times reports. In the deal, Iran also agreed to not install additional reactor components or otherwise operate the plant.

Speaking about a final deal on Saturday, President Obama allowed for the possibility that Iran would be allowed to enrich nuclear material for power production with strict oversight to and a close eye to not producing a nuclear weapon.

Additionally, Israeli President Shimon Peres has said he would be willing to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but emphasized that Israel wouldn’t put up with Iran being a “nuclear danger” to the world.

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