Ukraine Protest Largest Since Orange Revolution

Lenin statue toppled and decapitated

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Vasily Maximov / Getty Images / AFP

Ukrainian protesters wave an E.U. flag as hundreds gather for an opposition rally in Mykhayllivska Square in Kiev after police dispersed protesters in Independence Square on Nov. 30, 2013

More than an estimated 500,000 Ukrainians swarmed the capital city of Kiev Sunday, protesting President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign a political and trade agreement with the European Union.

Demonstrations began a week ago, but Sunday saw the largest protest since the nation’s pro-democracy Orange Revolution in 2004, the Associated Press reports. Protestors barricaded government buildings with cars and tents, while others toppled and decapitated the statue of Lenin.

The state responded by announcing an investigation into opposition leaders for suspicion of overthrowing the government.