Queen Elizabeth Peeved After Police Ate Her Nuts

Allegedly has a "very savoury tooth"

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Phil Noble / Reuters

Britain's Queen Elizabeth tours the new headquarters of the Co-operative group in Manchester, northern England, Nov. 14, 2013.

Don’t eat the Queen’s nuts.

Prosecutors in the phone-hacking trial of former British tabloid executives revealed Thursday that Queen Elizabeth was reportedly “furious” that police officers at Buckingham Palace were eating nuts on display there ahead of Prince Charles’ marriage to Camilla Parker-Bowles. That nutty detail was contained in a 2005 email correspondence between former News of the World editors Clive Goodman and Andy Coulson, the Guardian reports.

The Queen, Goodman wrote, “has a very savoury tooth,” and she kept an eye on the nut supply by “marking the [nut] bowls to see when the levels dipped.”

Coulson, who went on to become Prime Minister David Cameron’s communication director, and Goodman are both on trial for allegedly conspiring to cause misconduct in public office.

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