American Jailed For Video Mocking Dubai Teenagers

Four other men are in jail, too.

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An American and four other men were sentenced to time in a United Arab Emirates prison Monday for breaking a cyber-crime law after they made a parody YouTube video mocking Dubai teachers.

Shezanne Cassim, a 29-year-old from Minnesota, has been behind bars since April and was sentenced to a year in prison plus a fine of approximately $2,725 for his 19-minute video called “Satwa Comedy School.” He has lived in the UAE since 2006 and worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers. Two Indian men faced similar sentences, while two Emirati brothers will face eight months in jail and a lesser fine.

The video mocked Dubai teenagers who act like “gangsters” in spite of being very mild mannered.

You can see clips of the video below: