U.S. Embassy Fired on in Kabul

No casualties reported during attack in Afghan capital

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Two rounds of fire hit the grounds of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul early Christmas morning. The embassy has said all Americans are accounted for and no casualties were reported in the attack. News agencies say that at least one other attack also occurred elsewhere in the Afghan capital on the morning of Dec. 25, details of which remain unclear.

An embassy official said that “at approximately 6:40 [a.m.] local time in Kabul, approximately two rounds of indirect fire impacted the U.S. Embassy compound.” The incident was under investigation, according to the embassy, though the Taliban quickly claimed responsibility, as is often the case in high-profile attacks in the city.

The building’s┬áblaring alarm system could be heard after the attack on the quiet residential outskirts of the large compound. Though businesses that cater to foreigners living in the city were festooned for the holiday, Christmas is not widely celebrated in Afghanistan.