China Seizes 3 Tons of Crystal Meth in Raid

Crackdown since July 30 has resulted in 10,836 detained suspects and 8.1 tons of confiscated drugs

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Paramilitary policemen carry seized crystal meth at Boshe village, Lufeng, Guangdong province, December 29, 2013.

Chinese authorities have seized three tons of crystal methamphetamine in a massive raid on the southern village of Boshe, involving 3,000 police officers as well as helicopters and speedboats.

Boshe is notorious for narcotics production, supplying over a third of the nation’s crystal meth, with more than a fifth of its households linked to the trade.

The raid, which was carried out on Sunday, was part of “Operation Thunder,” a crackdown on illicit substances in Guangdong province. Since its launch on July 30, the initiative has seen 10,836 suspects detained and 8.1 tons of drugs seized.