New Proposal Would Make Divorce Easier in France

Would allow court clerks to approve some divorces instead of judges

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A key French minister on Friday voiced support for a plan that would streamline divorces when both parties consent, allowing court clerks approve divorces rather than a judge.

Dominique Bertinotti, the French Minister for Families, told the French television station BFM-TV that the simplification would be a good thing and confirmed the plan that was reported in the Le Figaro newspaper, according to French online news outlet The Local. The newspaper reported on Friday that the majority of French divorces in 2012 were by mutual consent. “One couple in two will divorce. Do we have to make it more difficult?” Berinotti said in a televised interview, according to the Associated Press.

The Local reports that the French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira will receive a report that outlines the plan at a conference later in January.

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