Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Takes Struggle to ICC

Brotherhood lawyers promise a protracted legal campaign against the Egyptian military

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Andrew Cowie / AFP / Getty Images

Lawyers acting for the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party attend a press conference in London on January 6, 2014.

With its leaders in prison and the bulk of its activities outlawed, the Muslim Brotherhood has sought justice outside of Egypt, filing a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The Globe and Mail reports that the complaint requests an international investigation into Egypt’s military for alleged crimes against humanity.

The Brotherhood’s legal representatives in London say the move represents only the opening salvo of an extended legal campaign against Egypt’s military-led government.

They face an uphill battle, as Egypt has not ratified the ICC’s founding charter and the court cannot intervene without the government’s consent. The Brotherhood maintains that it is the elected government of Egypt and has given its consent.

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