Train Carrying Oil Derails In Canada

The latest in a series of oil transportation accidents causes a large fire in New Brunswick

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A train carrying crude oil and propane derailed late Tuesday in a sparsely populated region of Canada, heightening concerns about oil transportation after several high-profile accidents in North America last year.

The derailment occurred in a sparsely populated region of New Brunswick, 20 miles from the Maine-Canada border. No one was injured, but 100 residents were evacuated from their homes as a large fire caused by the accident continued to burn Wednesday morning, the Associated Press reports.

The incident follows two major derailments in 2013 including one on Dec. 30 in North Dakota which caused no injuries but resulted in the evacuation of a nearby town, and a July accident in Lac-Megantic, Quebec where 47 people were killed after a train carrying crude oil derailed.