Japan Airlines Grounds Another Dreamliner After Battery Problems

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Kiyoshi Ota / Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Japan Airlines Co. (JAL) logo sits on the tailfin of a model of the Boeing Co. 787 aircraft displayed in an exhibition area during a media preview for the new JAL factory tour at the company's maintenance center of Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday, July 18, 2013

Japan Airlines grounded one of its Dreamliner jets after “white smoke” began streaming from the battery system during a pre-departure check-up.

The airline said a maintenance worker saw a warning for a battery system problem in the cockpit of the plane before spotting the white smoke outside the window. The Boeing 787 never departed for its scheduled flight to Bangkok Tuesday, the Associated Press reports.

This isn’t the first time Japan Airlines has struggled with its Dreamliners.┬áJapan’s aviation authorities grounded the 787 fleet temporarily after a battery alarm led to an emergency landing of a flight in January 2013. Before that, the crew found a fire in a lithium-ion battery on a Japan Airlines Dreamliner parked in Boston and a fuel leak in another 787 ready for takeoff.