The Pope is Selling His Harley-Davidson

The world's unlikeliest biker will give proceeds from auction of motorcycle to charity

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L'Osservatore Romano / AP

Pope Francis receives a leather jacket from Harley Davidson Motor Company senior vice-president Mark Hans-Richer, at the Vatican.

Pope Francis is auctioning off his Harley Davidson motorcycle and will donate the proceeds to a charity that feeds the hungry in Rome.

The pope was given the motorcycle by the Milwaukee-based manufacturer in June on the storied bike maker’s 110th anniversary, Reuters reports.

With “Francesco” signed on the gas tank, the 1,585 cc Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide could catch a pretty price when it goes on the auction block in Paris on February 6.

Even without Francis’ signature, the bike is worth an estimated $16,400 to $20,500. The pontiff’s leather Harley Davidson jacket will go up for auction after the motorcycle. All proceeds will go to the Catholic charity Caritas Roma.

Reports suggest the motorcycle will be auctioned with very few if any miles on the engine.