Indian Authorities Arrest 15 Men After Gang Rape of Danish Tourist

51-year-old reportedly attacked at knife point in Delhi’s tourist area

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Forensic officials examine a spot where a Danish woman alleged she was robbed and gang-raped, in New Delhi, Jan. 15, 2014.

Law-enforcement officials in Delhi are holding 15 men in custody following the gang rape of a 51-year-old Danish national in the capital’s bustling tourist area on Tuesday.

“Police have identified the men involved in the crime and are conducting further investigation,” said special commissioner of the police Deepak Mishra, as reported by Bloomberg.

In late 2012, India made international headlines after a female student in New Delhi was violently gang-raped and later died of her injuries. Since the horrific incident, India has been increasingly viewed as a place of sexual violence and harassment, unsafe for both foreign and local women alike.

Nationwide protests and intense media attention on the scourge of rape have spurred massive debate within India about gender-based violence and pushed lawmakers to impose stiffer punishments on individuals convicted of sexual assault.