Video Asks Indian Women To Speak Out Against Sexual Abuse

“The more you talk, the less it will happen” says powerful short film 'Bol'

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A recent video by a 28-year-old Mumbai-based filmmaker Pooja Batura Pathak, aptly titled Bol or “speak up” urges Indian women to break their silence and stop the cycle of sexual violence against them. The 12-minute-long video captures the stages of sexual abuse an Indian woman goes through during her lifetime — from child abuse to work place harassment to marital rape — in a neat string of strong visuals. As the text with the video says, “The more you talk, the less it will happen.”

In India, a woman is sexually assaulted every three minutes and raped every 20 minutes. However, many Indian women are afraid  to speak up, fearing the backlash of a patriarchal society.