How Jude Law Discovered A Family Member Leaked To The British Tabloids

The actor discovered which family member had sold information while in court Monday

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Actor Jude Law discovered an immediate family member had sold information about his private life to a British tabloid newspaper while in court Monday.

Law made the unwelcome discovery during the phone-hacking trial of two former editors at the now defunct paper the News of the World, Reuters reportsThe Anna Karenina star was passed a note during cross-examination with the name of a close family member who had sold information to the tabloids in 2005 about his then-girlfriend Sienna Miller’s affair with actor Daniel Craig.

When asked when he found out his family member was selling details of his life to the press, Law said, “Today. I wasn’t aware of that.” The press and the jury were not given the name of the family member. Law also told the court how he had telephoned Craig after the newspaper’s revelations, to confront him about the affair.

Law is one of many celebrities and politicians who have received  compensation for having their cellphones hacked by the News of the World, which was owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News International. Former editors of the tabloid Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks are on trial for hacking into the voicemail messages of celebrities and public figures.