WATCH: Russia’s Anti-Gay Vigilantes Exposed in Their Own Shocking Videos

Human rights activists release videos of abuse, many recorded by the abusers

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On the eve of the Olympics, human rights activists have swung a spotlight on Russia’s violently anti-gay vigilantes.

A video of assaults compiled by Human Rights Watch shows gay men set upon by gangs, humiliated, punched, kicked and forced to torture themselves on tape. Activists said the gangs, with names like “Occupy Pedophiles,” recorded the attacks and styled themselves as defenders of Russian children.

Human Rights Watch said the attacks coincided with a surge of anti-gay rhetoric from Russian leaders and media figures promoting an official ban on gay “propaganda.” As for the propaganda above, Human Rights Watch met with one of its victims, 28 years old, who said police had yet to carry out a meaningful investigation or identify any of the suspects on tape.