Iran To Address Nuclear Weapons Concerns

Questions about Iran's nuclear detonator will be answered in the coming months, Tehran says

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Iran has agreed to cooperate with U.N. investigators searching for evidence that the Islamic state sought to develop nuclear weapons, a historic development that could shed light on key aspects of Iran’s nuclear program.

The U.N’.s International Atomic Energy Agency that has been investigating the extent of Iran’s nuclear program will now be provided “information and explanations” by Tehran for its experiments with a kind of detonator can be used to trigger a nuclear explosion, the Associated Press reports.

For three years the U.N. has listed the detonator as a key concern, but Iran, an oil-rich nation, has insisted the detonator is used in oil extraction and related work. Now, however, after months of negotiations and a preliminary agreement was reached in November, Iran will also address the IAEA’s questions about its suspected nuclear weapons development after years of rejecting related claims.

The United States and five other world powers will meet for a seminal meeting Feb. 18 with Iran, with Iran seeking to have crippling economic sanctions fully lifted in exchange for a pact that permanently reduces Iran’s uranium enrichment program.