Iraqi Insurgents Blow Themselves Up During Bomb-Making Lesson

21 militants dead, say Iraqi authorities

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Sunni militants in Iraq accidentally detonated their own car bomb Monday, according to Iraqi authorities, killing 21 at a training camp in the countryside north of Baghdad.

The militants, members of a widespread insurgent movement among minority Sunni Muslims in Iraq, were reportedly attending a lesson on car bomb-making and explosive belts when a glitch exploded one of the bombs, the Associated Press reports. Iraqi security forces rushed to the area and arrested 12 suspected militants injured in the blast, and another 10 who attempted to flee.

In a separate incident Monday, the speaker of parliament and prominent official Osama al-Jujaifi safely escaped an assassination attempt on his motorcade. Al-Qaeda affiliated groups have used car bombs in Iraq with deadly effect, often coordinating waves of explosions that leave scores dead across the country.