River Thames Breaches Its Banks

England suffered wettest January in over 240 years, and storms are set to continue

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Sang Tan / AP

People loads their boats with sandbags on a flooded street, in Datchet, England, Monday, Feb. 10, 2014

The River Thames reached its highest level in over 200 years Monday, flooding towns upstream of London. The Environmental Agency issued 14 severe flood warnings along the river — a caution that the floods could endanger lives, the Associated Press reports.

The river has already breached its banks and put the village of Datchet underwater. Other towns just 20 miles outside London could also be in danger as fresh rain falls on already saturated ground. England suffered its rainiest January since 1766, and storms have continued to batter the country.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s government has been heavily criticized for failing to take flood prevention measures such as dredging the rivers. Cameron visited flooded areas Monday.