UAE Plans To Use Drones To Deliver Government Mail

Unmanned aerial vehicles will deliver government-issued IDs, driving licenses

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The United Arab Emirates plan on upgrading its government services by using unmanned aerial drones to deliver official papers and packages to its citizens.

Officials in the oil-rich gulf state, which has a population of some 8 million, hope to introduce the drone project across the UAE this year after an initial six-month test run in Dubai.

“This is the first project of its kind in the world,” said Mohammed al-Gergawi, minister of cabinet affairs. The drones will be used for delivering identity cards, driving licenses and other documents, reports Reuters. Engineers behind the project say the drones, measuring about 1-1/2 feet across, will use fingerprint and eye-recognition technology for security.

Engineers will however have a difficult task in overcoming technical issues such as the hot climate and heavy sandstorms. In December online retailer Amazon unveiled plans to introduce drones to deliver goods.