Veteran Canadian Journalist Missing In Cambodia

Dave Walker was working on a film about Khmer Rouge war criminals at the time

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Canadian journalist Dave Walker has been missing since last Friday

Cambodian police are searching for a veteran Canadian journalist who has been missing since late last week, Canadian officials say.

Dave Walker, 58, has not been seen since he left his guesthouse in Siem Reap — leaving behind his passport, phone, laptop, wallet and belongings — to allow a housekeeper to clean his room last Friday.

He was in Cambodia to work on a movie tracing Khmer Rouge officials. Around 2 million people were slaughterd in Cambodia’s Killing Fields from 1975 to 1979 during the Khmer Rouge regime.

Walker’s friend, Peter Vronsky, told the National Post that someone may have tried to prevent him from finding suspects. “Somebody may have silenced Dave for that reason,” he said.

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