Seven Christians Executed in Benghazi

Witnesses said gunmen went door to door asking if residents were Christian or Muslim

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The bodies of seven Egyptian Christians were found dead with gunshot wounds to the head on a beach near Benghazi, police in Libya confirmed Monday.

Witnesses said the Egyptians were abducted from the building they lived in by unidentified gunmen who went door to door asking residents if they were Christian or Muslim, Reuters reports.

“They were killed by headshots in execution style,” a police officer told Reuters. “We don’t know who killed them.”

The attack is the second execution-style killing in in Libya this year, after a U.K. man and New Zealand woman were killed in a similar fashion on a beach near Tripoli. In the three years since the ouster of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, the country has struggled to maintain stability against heavily-armed former rebel groups and Islamists. No group claimed responsibility for the attack.