Netanyahu Unintentionally Casts Hitler Mustache Shadow on Angela Merkel

Unfortunate photo goes viral on social media

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YOAV LEMMER / AFP / Getty Images

In this video-grab, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gesture during a joint press conference after their cabinets held a meeting at the King David hotel in Jerusalem on February 25, 2014.

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel was cast in an uncomfortable light at a press conference in Jerusalem Tuesday, when her Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu pointed across the room, casting a shadow across her face.

The awkward shading makes it look the German leader is sporting a the same kind of toothbrush mustache that German dictator Adolf Hitler was known for during World War II, and the photo is making the rounds on social networks.

Merkel is in Israel to discuss nuclear negotiations with Iran and the Palestinian peace process.