Protest Leader Floated as Candidate For Ukraine Leader

While protesters back the candidate, the parliament must vote to add his name to the formal ballot

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A leader of the protest movement in Ukraine was proposed as a candidate for prime minister on Wednesday, as the country works to restructure its leadership following the bloody protests that ousted the former president.

The parliament must approve the candidacy of Areniy Yatsenyuk before his name can be added to the ballot. He and other potential interim leaders were presented to protesters in Kiev on Wednesday. The parliament is expected to vote on Thursday, Bloomberg reports.

The three-month-long protests forced ousted President Viktor Yanukovych into hiding this weekend. The new government now has to work to keep the country from going into default. Investors like Russia have halted funds in the wake of the new leadership, though the U.S. and European Union will provide aid. Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the U.S. will offer $1 billion in loan guarantees to the country.