Want to Shoot Japanese War Criminals? China’s State Media Has a Game For That

This probably isn't going to do anything for Sino-Japanese relations

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Choose from 14 Class A Japanese war criminals

Amid increasing tensions over territorial disputes and Japanese World War II atrocities, the social media arm of China’s state-run People’s Daily has released an online game called ‘Shoot the Devils,’ in which players shoot Japanese war criminals.

The 14 Class A war criminals players get to choose from are honored at Yasukuni Shrine, to which Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid a controversial visit in December.

“The purpose is to expose the crimes of the Japanese invaders through the much-loved game form and make netizens remember history [and] cherish peace,” said the developers of ‘Shoot the Devils,’ a game that is similar to one released by the state last month, where players taser corrupt officials.

Many users of microblogging site Weibo called the game ‘childish.’