Francesca Trianni

is a video producer, with a focus on world news. Francesca studied Digital Media at Columbia's Journalism School in New York. She previously worked for Thomson Reuters in New York.

Articles from Contributor

Last Australia Combat Troops Withdraw From Afghanistan

Australia has closed its main military base in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan, and the country’s final batch of combat troops are on their way home. The departure marks the end of several years of combat that have left dozens of troops dead and more than two hundreds seriously wounded.

At a press conference announcing the withdrawal of …

Should Euthanasia Be Extended to Minors?

In Belgium, voluntary euthanasia for adults has been allowed since 2002. Now, Belgium is now on the cusp of becoming the first country ever to remove an age limit for the procedure.

Currently, under Belgian law, patients have to be at least 18 years old to request assistance from a doctor to die. On Wednesday, a controversial bill …

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