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Syrians Flee as Threat of U.S. Missile Strike Looms

Talk of a possible Western intervention in Syria is prompting residents to flee for safety. In this report from CNN, residents express their fear of an American strike, and continuing violence withing the country. Across the border in Lebanon, volunteers are setting up tents and preparing food and shelter for approximately 1200 families.

Arab League Shies Away from Fully Backing Syrian Intervention

The Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi spoke with CNN about a potential western-backed airstrike on Syria. Despite condemning the Syrian regime for its reported use of chemical weapons on its own civiliians, al-Arabi warned that U.S.-led strikes could intensify anti-American feeling in the region.

Not Again: A Gang Rape in Mumbai Leaves India Reeling

Inside a leafy Mumbai square normally accustomed to shrill sloganeering, a crowd protested on Friday with unsettling silence. As cameramen crawled along the fringes and policemen muttered into their walkie-talkies, protestors sat still, holding signs that declared Mumbai — widely believed to be one of India’s safest cities — the …

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