Six Things to Watch from Hillary Clinton’s India Tour

President Obama grabbed hearts and headlines with his state visit to India last fall, and there was a lot of talk about bringing the two countries closer together. It’s “a defining partnership of the 21st century” between “natural allies” who have committed themselves to a “strategic dialogue.” What does it all mean? …

Nobel Laureate Yunus Ousted from Microfinance Bank

Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Prize-winning founding father of microfinance, has been pushed out of the Grameen Bank. The board of the bank held an inconclusive meeting on Monday to determine whether he would stay. Apparently, efforts to work out a face-saving exit have failed. The official reason given by the Bangladeshi government, which …

Grameen Bank Founder’s Fate in the Balance

The board of the Grameen Bank is meeting today in Dhaka to decide the future of its founder, Muhammad Yunus. Revered as one of the founders of microfinance, Yunus won a Nobel Prize in 2006 for his work in bringing credit to the world’s poor, beginning in his home country of Bangladesh. He is now caught in a political maelstrom and could …

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