Israel and Turkey: How a Close Relationship Disintegrated

Many are the challenges facing Israel on the cusp of a new season.

The Palestinians’ approach to the United Nations for statehood looms. The bid, set for Sept. 21, bears down on Jerusalem with the certainty of an autumn chill.

The weekend desecration of the Israeli embassy by a Cairean mob was one of those shocks that is not …

Why Turkey Holds the Key to the Regional Power Game on Syria

As the Assad regime on Sunday escalated its brutal crackdown by sending gunboats to shell the coastal city of Latakia, yet the rebellion shows no sign of abating despite at least 1,700 deaths so far, Syria’s fate may come to rest less in the hands of its own people, than in the corridors of power in neighboring and more distant …

As the World Protests, Syria’s Isolated Regime Sticks to Its Guns

The embattled regime of Bashar Assad is losing foreign friends fast, but not the will to punish its enemies at home. The Syrian government has been circling the wagons, making hollow promises for reform while keeping up a sustained, brutal campaign against the country‚Äôs opposition. According to some counts, over 2,000 people have …

Five Lessons the World Will Take From U.S. Economic Policy Gridlock

Washington may have cut an unlovable deal to avert a default on its debts, but U.S. and global stock markets are tanking anyway. That’s because the measures agreed Tuesday can’t reverse the slide of the U.S. economy — its fundamentals, to use a phrase beloved by politicians, are less than sound. So, what the world sees in America’s …

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