Should World Soccer Chief Sepp Blatter Quit Over His Racism ‘Denial’?

Updated: Fri. Nov. 18, 4.45 a.m. ET

The irony was inescapable. FIFA President Sepp Blatter, a man who can’t seem to avoid controversy and spends much of his waking life shaking hands, has found himself at the center of a new imbroglio by suggesting that pressing the flesh was a suitable remedy for racial abuse. Specifically, he …

Despite Corruption Outcry, FIFA Reelects Blatter to Run World Soccer

FIFA president Sepp Blatter may have survived the storm ravaging soccer’s global governing body, but don’t expect his reelection to quiet the growing challenges to the organization’s status quo. Nor will critics be placated by the procedural changes Blatter has outlined for the way FIFA will choose which countries host the 2026 …

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