Must-Reads from Around the World: March 23, 2012

Non-cooperation – The Jerusalem Post reveals Israel will not cooperate with an international probe into the effects of settlements on Palestinian human rights, after a 36 to 1 U.N. Rights Council vote in favor of the fact-finding mission Thursday. The U.S. was the only country to vote against it. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu labeled …

Must-Reads from Around the World: March 22, 2012

War Crimes – The Global Mail details more damning evidence of Sri Lankan army atrocities at the 2009 end of the civil war, highlighting the murder of a Tamil Tigers colonel. “Of the mass of available evidence, the most compelling trail is that of Colonel Ramesh. His death provides a crack of light that illuminates the deaths of thousands …

Must-Reads from Around the World: March 9, 2012

Failed Rescue — An attempt to rescue two men held captive by the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram failed Thursday, the Guardian reports. The hostages, Briton Chris McManus and Italian Franco Lamolinara, had been held by the al-Qaeda-linked group since May 2011. Their deaths came hours after U.K. Prime Minster David Cameron authorized …

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