Must-Reads from Around the World

Stalemate on Syria – The Economist sets out its view on how to end the bloodshed: “a united opposition, the creation of a safe haven and Western resolve.” Foreign Policy‘s Mark Lynch cautions against the merest of military …

The Barefoot Diplomat: Hillary Clinton Begins Landmark Visit to Burma

One of the most surreal experiences in Burma is to leaf through the New Light of Myanmar. The English-language newspaper, which refers to the country by its official name, is among the most retrograde publications in the world. With tidbits like “True patriotism: It is very important for every one of the nation regardless of the …

Should Foreign Residents Be Allowed to Vote in France? Sarkozy Flip-Flops

Even when opinions in the U.S. and France do manage to generally agree on certain subjects, meshing trans-Atlantic views often end up differing in some rather remarkable ways. Take immigration. The issue remains an equally high-temperature political flash point in both countries. So, too, does the conjoined challenge of integrating

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