End of the Road For Lai Changxing, One of China’s Most Wanted Fugitives

For more than a decade Lai Changxing has been fighting in Canadian courts to avoid being sent back to China, where he is wanted for running a multi-billion-dollar smuggling enterprise out of the southeastern port city of Xiamen. Now the deportation battle of one of China’s most wanted men is reaching an end. A Canadian judge upheld …

Could Bin Laden’s Death Speed The End To The Afghan War?

As accumulating press reports confirm, intelligence agencies, security officials, and independent experts around the globe agree the death of Osama Bin Laden in no way lowers the curtain on his al Qaeda organization, nor extinguishes the myriad radical groups and individuals sharing its ideology of international jihad. But if there’s …

Canada’s Government Collapses: What’s Next?

Guest post written by TIME’s Megan Gibson

In a year when myriad governments have had their authority challenged, add one more to the list. We’ve seen Libya and Syria’s regimes reel in the face of mass uprisings, and Tunisia and Egypt’s leaders depart. And now… Canada?

Though not quite as tumultuous as events in the Middle …

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