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Haiti’s cholera victims threaten to sue the U.N., the Israeli government moves to end gender segregation in public spaces and the growth in Nigeria’s consumption of champagne is second to France

Why Haiti Does Not Need an Army

Even in the wake of a catastrophic earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people – or perhaps because of that disaster – nationalism reared its head during Haiti’s presidential election campaign last year. Many candidates, including the eventual winner, Michel Martelly, sensed that Haitians had grown weary of U.N. …

Did Haiti Commit Disaster Inflation? A U.S. Study Raises the Possibility

Updated 5/31/11

Those of us who cover the developing world deal increasingly today with a new kind of inflation: disaster inflation. I first really noticed it in 1998, while reporting Hurricane Mitch. The storm ravaged Honduras and Central America, but governments felt compelled to inflate the death toll. Even today, the official …

Haiti’s Own “Birthers”: Martelly Refutes Citizenship Rumors

Does Haitian President-elect Michel Martelly, who is set to be inaugurated on Saturday, May 14, have his own “birthers” to contend with? In recent weeks the former Carnival singer, who won Haiti’s runoff election on March 20 by a landslide, has felt compelled to answer rumors that he has U.S. citizenship – which would effectively …

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