Must-Reads from Around the World

Catholics in Brazil wonder about the future of their faith, Chinese demand for shark fin soup wreaks havoc on marine life in Mozambique and South African President Jacob Zuma calls for an end to widespread rape across the country

Must-Reads from Around the World

On deck for Thursday: Russians participate in risky clinical trials to receive medical care, a Filipino priest will be investigated for possible links to elephant ivory smuggling, news from the UN General Assembly and U.K. Flooding

Obama in Indonesia: Will the President Speak Out on Human Rights?

Obama loves Indonesia. He lived there as a boy and returned, last year, as president of the United States. In his homecoming speech at the University of Indonesia he reminisced about the Jakarta of his youth, conjuring scenes of rice paddies and kites drifting on the breeze. “Indonesia is a part of me,” he mused, lauding the young …

Interview with a Fetish Priestess

We step into the fetish priestess’s yard and, improbably, there is a clap of thunder, a sudden gust of wind slams doors and windows, and knocks over several plastic chairs – and the lights go out. My guide, Boat, and I are shown to two seats in front of the priestess, sitting on her porch in the dark. We are each handed a small glass …

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