One Year After the Revolution, Mixed Emotions at Tahrir Square

TIME’s Abigail Hauslohner and Craig Duff went to Cairo’s Tahrir Square Jan. 25 and spoke with many demonstrators who fear the continued preeminence of the country’s military will sabotage Egyptian hopes for true democracy. Others, particularly supporters of Islamist parties that now dominate Egypt’s newly-convened parliament, were more optimistic.

This Is What Propaganda Looks Like: the Kim Jong Un Show

I don’t speak Korean. But you don’t really need to understand it to figure out what’s going on in this North Korean “documentary” eulogizing the new top man in Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un. In fact, given the grating style of its female narrator — who rapturously quivers and exclaims through the hour-long segment like a …

Hillary Clinton Vows to Support Global Fight for Gay Rights

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday vowed that the United States would help fight discrimination against gays and lesbians around the world. In what’s being hailed as a ‘landmark‘ speech, she marked Human Rights Day by announcing that the U.S. will use diplomacy and $3 million in foreign aid to help expand the rights of gay, …

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