Global Briefing, Jan. 16, 2011: Protests, Profiles and Putin

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‘If I Die, I Die’— Storyful spotlights a video dispatch from Nigeria’s protest movement; here is TIME’s take on the country’s ‘occupy’ strikes.

A New Burmese Day?  — TIME’s Hannah Beech asks whether the country’s latest amnesty is a signal of true reform; At Foreign Policy, Aung Zaw profiles the country’s mysterious president, Thein Sein.

In Pictures — Lightbox features arresting images of Liberia by photographer Glenna Gordon. “I seek traces of war wounds” she says. “And examine the improvisations used to hide the pain… and embrace the present.”

Israel’s Women Problem — After an increasing number of controversies over the treatment of women, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox are at a crossroads between equality and religious establishment.

Alexei Navalny: Russia’s Friend or Foe? – Despite being radically opposed to Vladimir Putin, the rising political star is drawing some comparisons to the controversial leader.

Internet Humor For the Incumbent – And as Putin seeks another term as president, Russians are taking the opportunity to mock him online.

Ahoy Danger – Have cruise ship companies become complacent about safety?

The Have’s and Have Yacht’sU.K. Education Secretary Michael Gove thinks the Queen should get a new royal yacht to mark her Diamond Jubilee.