Kenya Defense Forces Have Taken Control of Westgate Mall, Trapped Militants

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Kabir Dhanji / EPA

Soldiers on guard inside the Westgate shopping mall after a shootout in Nairobi, on Sept. 21, 2013.

The Kenya Defense Forces say they have regained control of Westgate Mall Monday morning, two days after it was attacked by alleged al-Shabab terrorists Saturday.

The KDF tweeted:

The KDF also tweeted that three militants had been killed and a few more were injured, and that all exits were sealed to prevent any of the alleged terrorists from escaping.

Inspector General David Kimaiyo insisted on Twitter that the troops would “finish” the militants.

But as the KDF regains control of the situation, they also begin to see more clearly the extent of the destruction:

The KDF also tweeted that they’ve arrested more than 10 individuals for questioning about the attack.

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