Moscow Rioters Lash Out Against a “Migrant” Murderer

Police detain more than 400 anti-migrant protesters in a working-class district of southern Moscow

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AFP / Getty Images

People clash with OMON, riot police, officers during mass rioting in the southern Biryulyovo district of Moscow, on October 13, 2013.

Amid rallying cries of “White Power” and “Russia for the Russians,” rioters raged through a working-class district of southern Moscow on Sunday, in retaliation for the murder of an ethnic Russian man blamed on a migrant from the North Caucasus.

The mob attacked a shopping center popular with immigrants, kicking at its doors and smashing windows. Police have arrested more than 400 people, whom Moscow’s chief of police characterized as “extremists.” Many appeared to be drunk, he said.

Police have not yet identified the assailant who fatally stabbed a 25-year-old Russian man on Thursday, but rioters believed that an image of the suspect, taken from a security camera, depicted a migrant worker.