British Spy Found in Gym Bag Likely Died by Accident

Police say the Gareth Williams' bizarre death was 'most probably' an accident

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More than three years after the naked, decomposing body of a British spy was found padlocked inside a gym bag in his apartment, British police says his death was likely an accident.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewit said Wednesday that the death of Gareth Williams was “most probably” an accident, and that a police review found little evidence of foul play, the Associated Press reports. Williams, who worked for the U.K.’s version of the NSA and was attached to the MI6 spy agency at the time of his death, was found dead inside of a padlocked gym bag in the bathtub of his apartment in August 2010. His death spawned a host of conspiracy theories.

Despite the bizarre nature of Williams’ death, Hewitt said that the evidence does not point towards foul play. “I believe that what we are dealing with is a tragic unexplained death,” he said.